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untangling your ideas into words. good words. engaging words. words that sell.

I provide copywriting services for companies large and small, here and there.
I also teach others how to harness the power of copywriting.

what i’d do if i wrote your copyhow to be a wealthy copywriter

who am i?

Hi! I am Rebecca Batisto, the Untangled Writer! I am a professional copywriter and content marketer. I make magic with words, drink a lot of coffee and tea (with milk, thank you!), and nerd out to podcasts.

I’ve been writing since I was 3 and people have been paying me for it since I was 17. While getting my bachelor’s degree in journalism, I started to become fascinated with the way people were persuaded by words. So, I grabbed a graduate degree in Rhetoric, which is the art of persuasion, and that put me on the track to start writing for companies, big and small. I have worked for Fortune 100 companies, such as AutoNation, government entities like the US Army, and small start-ups with big goals and high hopes.

I was born and raised in England, but after leaving Oxford, I moved to Florida. I am still based in sunny Fort Lauderdale, but travel to the Northeast US, Europe, and the Caribbean whenever I can. I am inspired by my family, the ocean, bookstores, wine, and tea.


It’s nice to meet you!

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frequently asked questions

why should you hire me?

First and foremost you should hire me because I will save you money. Writing can take forever. To be able to find your own voice takes daily practice and running a business should be where you spend your energy. I have been writing for others every single day since 1993 and I’ve had some pretty nice things said about my writing, by clients big and small, and also by my Nana. I am quick and easy to work with, I make a mean cup of tea and I have a mortgage.

Oh, and I’m qualified too. I have a Bachelor’s in Journalism and a Master’s in Rhetoric (the art of persuasion). I’ve worked for Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurs, and the U.S. Army. I love my job and I’d love to work with you.


what things do i write?

I write everything. These days,  I probably write more websites and emails for clients than anything else, but I have written a lot of speeches, ebooks, blogs, brochures, and proposals too. Feel free to send me a request. If it’s not my cup of tea, I probably can refer you to an expert copywriter for that arena.

I work with many different industries. I have written copy for restaurants, hotels, and cruise lines, construction companies and developers, schools and 3 universities, recruiters and staffing companies, a Nobel Prize Winner, and even the organization that delivers the President’s Daily Brief. I believe that even the driest industry can be interesting. I love to find the stories in each business and show the heart of the company to its clients. After all, we all crave connection.

Since you asked… (what’s that? Well, maybe you should have), my favorite thing to write outside of “work” is creative nonfiction. In other words, the stories that exist in everyday life.

am i crazy for grammar?

No! I don’t believe that excellent copy and perfect grammar have to go hand in hand. I believe you should write in a conversational tone to engage people. When I read, I want to feel like I’m being spoken to OR I’m watching the story unfold. That doesn’t always happen with perfect grammar.

I believe the best copy stirs emotions. Words like “synergy” are the antithesis to connecting with people. When was the last time a friend asked you to coffee in order to synergize?

what will i not do?

Eat eggs. I can’t stand them.

I also won’t write controversial copy. I don’t need the guilt.
I won’t charge per word. If that’s your bag, baby, that’s fine. Google “cheap copywriters” and take your pick. Just remember, you get what you pay for.
I won’t work with jerky people. If you’re not a jerk, then I’d love to work with you! If you are, take a breath and put the kettle on. Then, Google “cheap copywriters.”

where am i?

I’m behind the curtain!

Okay, maybe not. I’m based in Fort Lauderdale, but I travel a lot. This week I’m meeting with a client in Annapolis and I travel to England (I’m from Oxford) and the Bahamas (my family lives in Exuma) frequently. While my business can be run digitally 100% of the time, I love to meet with clients as often as possible. And I always buy the first round.

what's my process?

Well, it really depends on the project, but generally, I provide a proposal, which will inevitably be accepted by my client (pause for effect). Then we have a kick-off meeting where we determine deadlines, meeting schedules, and who will be in charge of approvals.

I start working by researching your clients and competitors. I look up the keywords people use to find you, your competitors, your industry and your clients. I might ask you some questions you’ve never considered before. I will submit your first draft before the deadline and you will have three rounds of edits before the project is complete.

Then we let off some white doves, shake hands, and I become the godmother of all your children, both future and current.

what is one thing nobody asks me?

“Are you afraid of sharks?”

I am.
Against my will, I have come face to face with a shark on three instances. Different sharks. I think.
One of those times I was scuba diving with my father. The shark started very slowly zig-zagging towards me. I grabbed my father (very slowly because we were under water) and threw him at the shark. The shark freaked out and legged it. No one has been diving with me since.

what i’m saying

My Favorite Podcasts for Writers

My Favorite Podcasts for Writers

I listen to them at home, in the office, in the car, in a bar, with a jar… I find them to be inspiring as well as helpful. Sometimes they cure writer’s block, sometimes they spark fresh ideas, and sometimes they just make me feel “normal.”Here are my 5 favorite podcasts for writers. These are a mix of grammar helpers, storytellers, business advisors, pitching experts, and all around most motivating podcasts for writers. Check them out!!

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How much should you pay for a blog writer?

How much should you pay for a blog writer?

Blogging is something that anybody CAN do, but not everybody can do it successfully or efficiently. Which is why there are hundreds of thousands of blogs in the world wide interwebs that have been abandoned and forgotten (cue the Sarah Maclachlan music). While we all...

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Is “wealthy copywriter” a possibility?

Is “wealthy copywriter” a possibility?

To be a wealthy copywriter, or even a copywriter making a livable wage, you need to have clients on a retainer basis or at least coming back for repeat work. so that you’re not constantly searching for the next job. But, retainers – much like any commitment -tend to make people complacent. Think about it: we take spouses for granted oftentimes and the same goes for retainer clients, making them susceptible to offers from other copywriters or agencies.

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